Secondary bathrooms just don’t get enough respect and I feel bad for them! The second bathroom often gets heavier use and you would think it would get more attention from builders but it doesn’t. I came across a second bathroom setup that I really like especially in a big busy house.

Most second bathrooms I come across are the main bathroom for most folks in the home. The master bathroom is reserved for the master bedroom only therefor leaving the second bathroom for everyone else from the kids and guest. The issue I see is that it gets a lot of use but often isn’t designed to accommodate this use… let me explain.

Second bathrooms in a big house with a family is a busy place in the morning when everyone is getting ready for school. Kids are waking up, using the restroom, showering and getting ready. However most second bathrooms are designed to accommodate one person at a time and that is why I think they don’t get enough respect.

What I really love to see is a second bathroom which is divided with two doors. First this allows two uses at the same time therefor being more practical and useful at the same time. One section has the shower/tub and toilet while the second area holds the dual vanities. This setup allows one person to either be using the bathroom or taking a shower while the second person can be brushing their teeth or getting ready. This is so much more practical and useful.

What is surprising is not enough homes have this and by this I mean big homes which you know are made for big families. It is no secret the bathroom is a busy place in the morning and to design it to fit their needs is key. Unfortunately I don’t see these split bathrooms enough and that is a shame. So next time your looking at homes don’t forget the second bathroom it deserves some attention as well.

With a heart of a teacher I look to educate my clients about the process of buying, selling or renting real estate. I strongly feel an informed and educated consumer will make better decisions and be less likely to be taken advantage of.

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Great 2nd Bathroom Layout – Bathroom Layout Design

Here are operational zones you would possibly enhance within the design:
Vanity. Areas for vanity enlarge tables, storage, and one or two for sinks. This zone should as a consequence feature a mirror, which is usually during the current design frame. Mirror walls and gigantic mirror slabs are outdated. In master baths, some homeowners are abandoning the double sink to complete more counter space. on the opposite hand, dual sinks are useful in associates bathrooms where kids or supplementary intimates allowance the atmosphere and habit their own station.
Shower/Tub Combination. The old-fashioned standby for a full bathroom remains functional, affordable thanks to incorporate a shower and tub within the similar little space. Ideally, a house will have a minimum of one tub (important for resale), and this customary fixture fits the story (and the budget).
Tub. Supersized jetted tubs are outdated. Theyre out there, but who wants to pay the water financial credit to fill that business upon a daily basis? And you improved plan upon a sever predicament heater for those pool-sized vessels. Instead, for the master bathroom which includes a bathtub can be equipped afterward a deeper and smaller tub that is still built for 2 people.
Feature Shower. Tubs are less commonly utilized in master bathrooms, and taking into account they are used, they infatuation a smaller footprint and are deeper. Homeowners are choosing to use the floor song to development their showers. Forget the outmoded stand shower that seems later walking into a vinyl can. Showers are becoming greater than before and including seats, says Rick Miller, president of Millers Fancy Bath & Kitchen in Louisville, Ky. At least one in the course of the shower walls is coming right alongside to a partial or half wall and that we are putting glass panels on summit of that and measure attractive floor-to-ceiling tile" Meanwhile, fixtures have evolved to accommodate the demand to "soak" in the bathroom then again of the bathtub.
Spa Shower/Tub Room. understand that feature shower and innovation it, next area a tiled, sculptural tub within the middle. What you acquire most likely a contemporary manner that comes taking into account the simplest of both bathing features. The total vent is tiled, and there might even be a hearth within the wall or a television, suggests Brian Johnson, principal, Collaborative Design Architects in Billings, Mt. Rather than inborn confined within the tub, you'll get stirring and switch on a shower head to rinse. This design is becoming more and more popular.
Toilet. Its the foremost used feature in your bathroom and therefore the one fixture you dont want to approach as your design focus. the restroom is often tucked in back the way in door, placed contrary to an narcissism to the side of a wall and partially hidden, or closed a fanatical water closet. a fanatical room is right in larger master bathrooms, and half-walls can support block the restroom ventilate in roomier full baths or masters where an open-air feel is desired.

As you propose your bathroom, here are some tips to create a layout which will fake for you:
1. The restroom sets the tone.
Whether youre gutting the broadcast or refreshing it cosmetically, the event of an existing toilet can dictate the planning. (You can concern it, of course, but it'll entre the worth of your remodeling project.) This is because you've got a 4-inch stack drain that's tough to maneuver, Wyner explains. You want to stay the restroom as near as realistic to where it already is.
2. Take a headcount –  endure a headcount. what percentage of people will use this space? this will dictate what percentage vanity sinks youll need, what percentage drawers and cabinets for storage, whether you obsession a bathtub and showeror not. "And, is this the by yourself bathroom in the house? Kollias asks. Design for con first, subsequently usher in the appeal.
3. Consider storage –  adjudicate storage. Do you've got to collection towels and linens inside the bathroom? Kollias inquires. How much storage does one obsession for everyone that uses the bathroom?
4. Give yourself space –  present yourself space. There are rules and regulations for perform a exact bathroom, and sometimes people try to jam too many things into a little area, Kollias says. Toilets need 30 inches of space, and in view of that the minimum for a shower is 30 x 30 inches (Kollias prefers 36 x 36 inches and likes to have 42 x 42 inches to figure with). the middle line of a sink should be a minimum of 20 inches off the wall. It shouldn't be any tighter than that, Kollias says. "And sometimes we will be practiced to look people who want two sinks during the bath, appropriately they attempt to squeeze them into a 5-foot vanity, which in fact is certainly tight. There should be 36 inches between sinks.
5. Overlap space. If youre in force taking into account an especially little bathroom footprint, one strategy for adhering to look allowances though fitting in vital plumbing fixtures is to overlap the clearance, says Diana Schrage, senior designer for Kohler. 
6. Clear the air – positive the air. save the appearance way in and it'll appear larger. you'll accomplish this even if still privatizing the restroom. You are often creative taking into consideration a frosted glass panel or a partial wall, Schrage suggests. "With deadened glass, we will be skilled to create channels inside the floor like the dream of securing them, and literally take on happening 1/2 to 5/8 inch of space. We acquire a artifice of privacy and estrangement without feeling claustrophobic."

There are several venting options:
Ceiling mount fans. The metal box, or housing, is hidden to the ceiling. A flavor duct runs to the outside.
In-line fans. The advantage of in-line fans is that they're less noisy than ceiling mount fans, and multiple fans are often associated to one motor that's housed along the duct govern (usually in an attic or crawlspace).
Wall-mount fans. If there's lebensraum above the toilet, this unit may be a solution. It mounts on an exterior wall and fittingly the motor is found right at the vents exit point.
Wall-mount fans. If there's lebensraum above the toilet, this unit may be a solution. It mounts upon an exterior wall and correspondingly the motor is found right at the vents exit point.
Vent switches. Specialty switches tote up humidity sensors that start the enthusiast in imitation of freshen become moist, and timer switches that close taking place the enthusiast after a outfit amount of your era .

Conserving Water
Toilet. Search for a high-efficiency toilet that uses but 2 gallons per flush. (The average is 5 gallons per flush.) Kohlers high-efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush, Schrage says.
Vanity faucet. By selecting an efficient faucet, you'll save 45 percent more water compared to older, usual fixtures, which is nearly 14,000 gallons of water per annum for a point toward associates of 4 , Schrage says.
Shower head. High-efficiency shower heads subsequent to water-saving aerators can keep quite 7 gallons of water per shower, Schrage notes. Plus, youll avoid wasting water to heat in the works your shower when a purge and pause work that pauses water in the same way as it reaches a programmed temperature otherwise of allowing it to empty .

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