leibal flat 6 studio mk27 7

Flat #6 is a minimum condominium positioned in São Paulo, Brazil, designed via Studio MK27. The room is furnished with vintage antique and fashionable Brazilian items, and the ornament provides every room within the condominium a marginally of texture. The couple’s selection of fashionable and antique items combines harmoniously with the restrained finishes and provides a dash of colour. As a cushy mashrabiya, the hand made material’s perforations clear out daylight and solid shadow patterns around the house. Each merchandise and each corner is warmed via herbal gentle, which amplifies the tones of the woods, velvets, and stones. Excessive care used to be taken within the design of each final element, leading to expansive, soulful rooms that include joyous lifestyles.

Images via Fran Parente

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